Trädgårdshallen is Sweden´s largest wholesale trader of ornamental and horticultural plants, grown in Sweden as well as imported. We offer you high quality products at the best price, knowledge and customer service.

Jonas Nilsson
Foto: Flower arrangement

About Trädgårdshallen

The market hall is located at Årsta, Producentvägen 20 in Stockholm, close to the E4 and E20. We offer a wholesale trade for flower professionals, in an area of 13.000 square meters. You will find a wide range of goods from all over the world in one place: Pot plants, cut flowers, perennials , herbs, accessories, paper, soil , presents, etc.

We have around 33 growers in Mälardalen with approximately 140.000 square meters of greenhouse that annually produces: 25 million cut flowers , 5 million pot plants and 5 million horticultural plants.

The growers in the region around Mälardalen have their own trademark: Närodlat Mälardalen. The growers put the trademark on goods that are grown in the region which stands for high durability, short transports and climate smart handling.

Customer's service

Trädgårdshallen works continuously for a better customer´s service on our marketplace.
We offer you:

Customer card

Free parking

The costumer card is needed in order to be able to shop at the companies. Only wholesale trade. This card is issued by the staff members to retailers, that through certificate of registration (Bolagsverket/PRV/Skatteverket) can prove their area of business. You are then allowed to shop in the hall. A copy of your certificate of registration, showing art of activity, should be appended with your application. The costumer card, parking permit card and a hall-catalogue is sent to you by post or you can come and get it at our office.


You will get your parking permit together with the costumer card.


Our green painted trolleys is at our customers' disposal, but please help us bring the trolleys back inside the hall after you're done unloading your wares.


Unfortunately we can not take care of your waste. Please contact a cleaning company!